The Glove Tan (A Day Off)

Posted on September 28, 2011 by camhannan

“So how was your day off, Marian?”
“Ah It was good, relaxing, I slept for three hours in the middle of the day. I wrote and got a lot of writing done. And… let’s see… I worked on my glove tan.”
“Your ‘glove tan’?”
“Yes, my hands are white and my arms are tan because I wear gloves while working. So I sat in the beanbags, the doors wide open, working on my glove tan.”
“Whatever dude.”

“So how was your day off Sandra.”
“It started with a sleep-in which was well deserved… I think. The Camhannan Hole stuck around for a long time. I was headed for bikini and gumboots, sleeves and pants were getting shorter and shorter, but then the Hole closed up and it was time to get moving. So I took a walk along Camhannan Burn and through a grove of trees with very interestingly shaped fluffy flowers that the bumble bees, Bellbirds and Tuis loved.”
“How did you like the Rees River?”
“I walked along it and found what could be a great swimming hole in summer, but then I found out it was glacially cold. So I’ll just take the new woofers there and tell them it’s wonderful and they should just jump right in.”

“How was your day off Eve?”
“What day off?”

“Anything to add Marian?”
“Oh my Gawd!!!! I can’t be interesting all the time. I just slept all day, okay??? I know I look like I’m always interesting but come on. I’m just a human. You know, one of those pests you blogged about.”
“Whatever dude…”

Sandra: “Movie time.”
Marian: “I’m down with that.”
Rob: “Whatever dude…”